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The History

     It is difficult to imagine American music without the rich and continuing innovations of African Americans. Even as today’s hip-hop and rap owe much to the call-and-response patterns that slaves brought from Africa, virtually every other American musical form similarly has been leavened with African-American traditions and innovations.
It was Philadelphia’s own, songwriter and record producer Kenny Gamble, supported by partner and community activist, Dyana Williams who decided to establish June as Black Music Month. Introduced to congress, by at that time, State Representative Chaka Fattah of Philadelphia, who pushed for The African American Music Bill 509 to be passed. On June 7, 1979 President Jimmy Carter hosted the very first Black Music Month event and officially recognized June as Black Music Month. Over a quarter century later, President Barack Obama continues to issue an annual Black Music Month proclamation.
The City of Philadelphia, known to many as “The Home of Soul”, initiated many styles in genres seen today such as: Classical, Opera, R&B, Jazz, Soul and especially in the early development of Hip-Hop. Lady B, an honoree from last year’s The Comeback “Philly Style” - 2010, was the first female rapper to record a record in the early 80’s.
     With all the history this great City of Philadelphia has produced over the years, its legacy still stands strong. Having birthed artists such as Patti LaBelle, Chubby Checker, Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Jill Scott just to name a few, Philadelphia’s track record for good music is immense.
After witnessing a breathtaking public speech on the preservation of the Black music and culture, Ms. Dyana Williams caught the attention of Isaac M. Hamm III, CEO and founder of IM3Media.com, who shared the same passion.
IM3Media.com is an event marketing and promotions company that hosts a number of events geared towards live music. In 2010, IM3Media.com hosted its first annual Black Music Month event called The Comeback “Philly Style”. This critically acclaimed music showcase and awards ceremony is dedicated to preserving the musical legacy of Philadelphia. In its first year, Isaac honored Ms. Dyana Williams with the 2010 “Profile in Excellence and Innovation Lifetime Achievement” Award. This award has since been dedicated in her name. Past award recipients were:  Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Chaka Fattah, Wendy “Lady B” Clark, Carvin Haggins and Ivan Barias, Charlie Mack, and Jazmine Sullivan.
     In addition to this event IM3Media.com partnered up with local event producers in the city and created “Black Music Month Week Philadelphia”. Black Music Month Week Philadelphia is an entire week of activities centered around honoring and showing homage to the contributions African Americans have made to the music industry. This week will run from Sunday, June 16th, 2013 to Saturday, June 22nd,  2013 and will be filled with various opportunities for the city to join in celebrating Black Music Month.

The Present

     This year IM3Media.com is embarking on its fourth year of celebrating Black Music Month. “The Comeback – “Philly Style” will continue to capture the essence, ambiance, and spirit of “feel-good music” for which our great city is known for. Bringing the old and the new generations of singers back to their original roots has always been the focus of this event.
Always looking to grow and improve IM3Media.com has focused on making this year’s The ComeBack “
Philly Style” and “Black Music Month Week Philadelphia” bigger and better than last year. [2012] The Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Councilman Kenyatta Jackson, Sen. Vincent Hughes and State Rep Vanessa Brown provided Isaac M. Hamm III & IM3Media with citations for all the great work(s) in The Philadelphia community.

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